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On the lower Taughannock Falls trail: A lanky college student wearing a beret and bare feet, “We were flying! For an hour-ish.”

“Can I give you candy?”, I asked the teenage hooded figure. He carries a blood spattered knife. He uncurls his fingers to reveal a glistening heart. I tucked a BabyRuth next to it.

I had a dream that I was talking to Freddie Mercury. He was like- I read your stuff and its really good, keep doing it! That felt so good. But then I said, “Hey Freddie, can I talk to John Lennon too?” and he looked all hurt and disappointed. I always go too far, ask for too much.

I’m like: I wish I didn’t fall apart so easily. And she’s like: I wish I was strong enough to fall apart.

After we moved our eldest into her dorm room, we were all strung out and restless and “not done”. So we stopped to eat at the first convenient restaurant downtown, our expressions blank and weary. But as we sat down my husband realized that it was the very same restaurant his dad brought him to after helping him move in to the same college our daughter is going to. The same location, same walls, but changed from Chinese to Thai. His dad’s favorite Ithaca restaurant. That thought pulled me up, added a sense of ritual and history to a desperate, random act. Thanks Pop. #synchronicity

As we pulled up to the college I said, “You don’t have to do this. We can leave right now, go out for sushi, and pretend this never happened.”

Fear that is formless and unspoken feels like doom because you cannot see its limits.

The most important thing mom taught me that I always remember- make cups with your hands when you swim.

“Did people evolve from dinosaurs?”
“Well, not really…yes. some people did.”

The best part of scary movies is the squeezing hands part.

I heard once that lesbians can be identified by their comfortable shoes. This is ridiculous, I know. But also kind of magical. I wish my fairy god-lesbian would come down and bestow upon me a pair of sensible yet stylish pair of shoes.

What the fuck is a hashtag and do not use more words I do not understand to explain it. When did Fays become Eckerds become RiteAid? CVS is still the same right? Where are my laserdiscs?

In the park I saw a woman sitting on a blanket nursing her baby and she had something rectangular adhered to her sweaty shoulder blade. Her toddler was dancing around and the woman said, “is that your granola bar?” and the toddler said “yeah..”

I was walking behind my husband and son. They paused and followed something from the ground to the air and they were visibly changed. Faces full of light, younger, spellbound. A group of butterflies were huddled together on the ground and took flight before them. Butterflies change people.

When geese swim, an arrow shape forms in the water behind them. The geese in the air must’ve seen this and formed an arrow in the sky with their flock. #FakeScience.

If I could’ve joined a sorority with silky pink bobs, three eyes, and forked tongues- I would’ve totally done it. This just wasn’t available during my time.

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