Behold my Happy(ish) Holidays advent calendar for the seasonally impaired.

I’m putting together a collection of gifts for each day of advent. But these gifts aren’t just for everyone, they are for people who find the holiday season challenging, for the seasonally impaired…ok maybe its for everyone. I was recently chatting with friends about holiday related ennui and I thought, wow I wish there was an advent calendar for people like us! And god, how I would love to include some malbec and fuzzy socks and dove chocolate and comfort books, but this is all I got. I give it with love.

I will do my best to keep up! But hey, like the holidays themselves, lets keep stress and perfectionism to a minimum. Enjoys these gifts, open one, open all, open them in whatever order strikes you. I hope they are helpful. xoxoxoxoxo

DAY ONE: (anticipation/expectation)

DAY TWO: (gifts) 

DAY THREE: (loss)

DAY FOUR: (lack)

DAY FIVE: (extra)

DAY SIX: (traditions)

DAY SEVEN: (foods)

DAY EIGHT: (tiredness)

DAY NINE: (religion)

DAY TEN: (joy)

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