Stars live in the evening But the very young need the sun, uh-huh Pretty baby, you look so heavenly A neo-nebular from under the sun I was forming, some say I had my chance The boys were falling like an avalanche

When I was a kid, I noticed that if I wrote my name quick and my “r” got sloppy and open- “Nora” ended up looking like “Nova”. I liked it. NOVA. Our family car. A great science program on public television. And best of all, a SUPERNOVA. An explosion whose radiation can briefly outshine an entire galaxy, carrying the blinding power of ten billion suns, expelling a shockwave of gas and dust paving the way for the next generation of creation. Now that, my friends, is a superhero name.

I’m also partial to the nebula. Majestic and mysterious and beautiful, up there rocking the cradle of life. Nebula says mother to me. It also reminds me of the Blondie lyrics from Pretty Baby.

The name of this site could’ve been so many things and I agonized over the naming for a long time. As I wrote and wrote and wrote, I just kept having faith that strengthening this relationship and getting to know my blog better would result in a birth. That path is familiar to me. It could’ve been something more generic, more relatable, or at the very least easier to spell but in the end I realized this project is about me. Its mine. In a way that I claim few other things. Thats what makes it special. Of course I didn’t come to this on my own. Like most things that make sense, it came through my children. I sat with my daughter as she taught me to use html to make sparkly ponies or a rainbow of beating hearts in case I wanted to personalize my blog, I listened to the words she was using. Personalize. Individualize. This is all yours mom, what do you like? What does it say about you? And I was luminousflummoxed because I honestly had never considered the question in quite that way before.

The brightness of a supernova (or any other astronomical thing) is measured in terms of luminosity, referred to as luminous flux. And there it is.

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