Hi! My name is Nora Snyder and I write things.

I also do related adventures like writing groups, community service, events, and other related artistic enterprises like:

Writer’s Block Party, my support and resources network for word creatives

Cliterally the Best Pleasure Hunt Ever, my annual event celebrating World Goddess Day

And my writing (!) which has been described as creative non-fiction, almost poetry, and/or magical realism.

You can start right here with my most recent posts, or see this for how to be a joyful nihilist, or check this out for how to be a fire-breathing Sagitarian or go here to see what clan of hummingbird you might belong to. And don’t be shy, give my NEW handy search box a run for its money.

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Current Events
  • Twelve Omen Days Writing Challenge- Begins December 25, 2021

    During the Twelve Omen Days, one seeks a sign or omen in nature (we can interpret nature loosely) on each of the twelve days between Christmas and Twelfth Night; each day represents a month in the coming year, and the omens received will bring insight into the lessons that month will offer.

    I invite anyone who feels moved to use the twelve omen days to not only tune in to the signs available to us in preparation for the coming year but also to infuse our writing practices with the magic of this interlude, giving ourselves a well deserved time of contemplation, mindfulness, and creative expression in community.

    All who are interested, please send me an email or respond to the Event on Facebook

  • Past Events
  • The 30 Day Garden of Delights challenge has completed! A wrap of of the event is available on the The Garden of Delights page.

  • Tails and Tales!

    Thank you to the artists who submitted poetry, prose and photographs for our Summer 2021 Tails & Tales Collection. Please follow the links to view their submissions. For a list of artists, visit the Lodi Library Poetry Corner. A video of the event is available as well.

    My featured reading from the event.

  • Cliterally the Best Pleasure Hunt Ever

    The Sixth Annual Cliterally the Best Pleasure Hunt Ever was held on Sunday September 5, 2021!

    You can watch our Twitch Livestream about the hunt - 25 Hooded Figures Revisited, or visit the Hunt Website for pcitures of the hunters and hiding locations!

    Be sure to follow us on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/illuminousfluxstories

  • On July 9th, my poem, Bees, was featured on Cajun Mutt Press - "the go-to place for all things on the poetic literary fringe".

    View on Cajun Mutt Press

  • This is the recording my group reading for Community Arts Partnership's Spring Writes Literary Festival on May 15, 2021 featuring Roger Hecht (Poetry), Nora Snyder (Poetry), Stacey Murphy (Poetry), Tiffany Fleming (Poetry), and Chris Holmes (Promoting Literacy, then Book Juggling). I read poems/prose entitled: Eagle Eyes, Green, and The Net.

  • Welcome to my cozy nest, right here on Illuminous Flux. Many thanks to all my readers, contributors, and supporters! You all make this so much fun. Please join me if you aren’t already on the Illuminous Flux Facebook page for more interaction and discussion.

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